Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Round Two: Tasting Session Top 8

It’s a tough gig, but somebody has to do it.

Yesterday, IconPark’s finalist teams entered the tasting round, presenting the dishes that they believed encapsulated their concept.

Whittling down from over 100 applicants, there stood just eight.  Eight concepts driven by groups of two to seven hungry entrepreneurs; the future of Australia’s hospitality industry. 

Judging the second round of IconPark’s presentations were six panellists which included wine whisperer Chris Morrison, guerrilla diner Darren Robertson, brand man Sudeep Gohil, Claire ‘Martha Stewart’ Bradley, and of course, IconPark’s founders Paul Schell and Dean McEvoy who reluctantly pulled themselves away from their desks to gorge on rich produce all day.

The Sydney Seafood School which played host to this elimination round made My Kitchen Rules look like the set of playschool.  With just an hour to flesh out their dreams in food form, the teams felt the pressure.  Fortunately, the outcome garnered a collective "F#$king Amazing" by the panel.

No continent nor condiment were left unexplored as the feisty concepts served up sample-sized breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Hip hop-infused entrées and trips on the Mayflower were on the menu, as this challenging final test was engineered to whittle the eight concepts down to just six.

The shortlist of first season of IconPark will be announced on March 3rd via this website, Facebook and Twitter.  The six finalists will have just 21 days to raise the support for their concept to be in the running for the customised Stanley Street venue. 

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