Wednesday, 5 March 2014

21 WTF Hip Hop Mogul Facts

Diddy (formerly Puff Daddy, P.Diddy, Sean John)  

The father of six began his career as a back-up dancer for Big Daddy Kane and Heavy D.  In 2009 a woman sued P.Diddy for $1 Trillion, accusing him of engineering the Twin Towers attacks and er, child support.  Named after his 90s monkier, his Sean John clothing line hit $250 million in sales in just six years.  That's a shit tonne of velour. 


DMX, Jay-Z and Busta Ryhmes went to his school; the latter two once battled in their cafeteria.  Jay-Z won.  His one-time confidant and mentor 2Pac was reportedly upset when his friend didn't visit him in prison, possibly igniting their catastrophic feud.  Biggie's album Life after Death is certified Diamond (selling more than 10 million copies), the first hardcore rap album to do so.
Lil Wayne

The 31-year-old has accidently shot himself twice, the first time was with a 9mm handgun when he was 12.  True story.  Lil Wayne is adopted by fellow rapper and record producer Birdman who presented him with $1 million cash on his 27th birthday.  The Bling Bling freestyler has been credited within the hip hop world for putting the word 'bling' in to popular lexicon.


Queens native Nas co-wrote Will Smith’s “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It,” (yes, that gem from him platinum album Big Willy Style and it's been the only Grammy Award-winning project of his career.  Nas is a perfectionist; he was offered an audition for the lead in Save The Last Dance and declined, and wrote and produced a movie Scared which he refuses to release.  The Harvard University honoured rapper dropped out of school in the 7th grade.


Obama is not Jay-Z's only politico pal; former US President Bill Clinton is his frequent guest at his Manhattan eatery The Spotted Pig.  The mulitgazillionare's stage name is homage to the J/Z Subway line he rode to his childhood home at Marcy Projects.  Queen Beyonce's beau is also wicked smart; in 6th Grade, Jay-Z tested at a Grade 12th level.


During his incarceration of 1995 (there were several) 2Pac received letters from him favourite actor  Jim Carey.  Tony Danza was also his pen pal.  During his incarceration of 1995 (there were several) 2Pac received letters from him favourite actor  Jim Carey.  Tony Danza was also his pen pal.  Tupac Shakur’s birth name was Lesane Parish Crooks and his first rap persona was MC New York, adopted during his time in Maryland.

If you love hip hop, check out Sedgwick Ave's concept - they're hoping to bring the Big Apple to Stanley Street: "This crew makes it street, coffee, beats, booze or on a plate."  

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