Monday, 3 March 2014

Get a FREE dish from one of the Top 6 at Taste of Sydney

Don't make a decision on an empty stomach!

Score a ticket to Taste from IconPark for a FREE tasting dish from the Top 6 concept you can't wait to try.  

Yesterday, our Top 6 concepts were launched on IconPark and already thousands of ravenous foodies have secured their dining experience.

Taste of Sydney Festival (13 - 16 March) is YOUR ONLY CHANCE to try the Top 6 restaurant offerings; remember just one concept will go live at the physical IconPark East Sydney location, with the winner decided by you, announced March 24th.   

We've made it easy for you, 'cause we think you're ace!:

1.  Hit up IconPark and salivate over the menus of each concept.
2.  Buy your Taste of Sydney Festival ticket from us and receive a free tasting plate.
3.  Choose additional drink/food combo's you'll just have to try.
4.  Do a victory jig; share it with your friends 'cause you've just scored the deal of the century and backed a kickass concept.

Eat, drink, Taste and support the concept you love. Who said there's no such thing as a free lunch? 

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